Sales and Marketing Services

Our Sales and Marketing Services include:

  • Direct outbound telesales Business to Business and Business to Consumer
  • Blended inbound and outbound initiated sales calls
  • Up selling and cross selling from inbound initiated calls as well as outbound
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Sales Follow up

customer servicesAre you looking to boost your business through marketing or customer outreach? At Connect Global our pool of outbound operators have over 20 years telemarketing experience whom we trust to meet and exceed targets for any of your outbound marketing and sales campaigns.

We place a huge emphasis on delivering outcomes and going above and beyond to ensure that your customers always walk away with a positive impression of your brand. Having worked with large companies such as CallPlus, APN (New Zealand Herald newspaper), Vehicle Testing New Zealand to deliver sales and marketing services; and smaller companies that we have helped grow such as KiwiOnline, which eventually sold for an estimated $1mill, we know we have the experience to help you expand your business through effective sales and marketing.

At Connect Global we focus on professionalism and customer care with all our telephone sales and marketing to achieve real results that give you a return on your investment. We use the services listed above to create new or develop existing sales channels to further your company's ability to grow and achieve maximum potential.